Here are some final notes as we wrap-up the conference
and return renewed to our ministries.
Let us continue to celebrate, remember and share
God’s good pleasure in us and with others!

our deepest appreciation

Thank you to all our guests who lead us in Scripture study, seminars, worship and spiritual care:

Design Team: Rev. Dr. Bob Paul, Rev. Dr. Dale Woods, Rev. Dr. John Vissers

Seminar Leaders: Rev. Dr. Esther Acolatse, Rev. Dr. Gerard Booy, Dr. Patricia Hewlin, Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart, Rev. Dr. Dale Woods

Praise Leader: Dr. Ken Michell

Chaplains: Rev. Denise Allen-Macartney, Rev. Dr. Gerard Booy

Organizing Team: Rev. Sukhyon Peter Han, Rev. Joe Bae, Rev. Jinsook Khang, Rev. Angie Song

We also want to thank all those who volunteered their talents and time to this conference:

Pre-Conference Registration: Audrey Kim

Flight Contacts: Rev. Sampson Afoakwah, Rev. Joe Bae, Rev. Cherie Inksetter, Rev. Lydia Kim, Pastor Seon Ok Lee

Registration: Rev. Joanne Lee

Seminar Hosts: Rev. Joe Bae, Rev. Martin Kreplin, Rev. Angie Song, Rev. Janet Taylor, Rev. Joyce Yanishewski

Photographers: Rev. Andy Cornell, Rev. Jinsook Khang, Rev. Grant Vissers

Graphics/Booklet: Jane Wong

Sharing our stories

We experienced God working in and through us during the conference! So let’s continue the mutual encouragement by sharing about our conference experience. Whether it’s a short reflection on God’s faithfulness, a blog, an article or a Session/Presbytery report - you can share with us here. Return back to read what others have shared at

speakers’ notes

We want to thank all our speakers who have generously shared their notes with us. You can find them them attached to the email sent to you by


Conference photos will continue to be uploaded and shared here. We hope you enjoy all the great memories that we made during our time together in Punta Cana!

You can also see what fellow friends have posted on their social media by searching #pccpastors in Facebook and Instagram. Don’t be shy with your LIKES!


Ken Michell has shared a tech-friendly list of songs with composer info and CCLI numbers (see link). He has also made himself available for further music/worship questions at

A playlist of all the songs can be found here on Spotify. If you are listening on your phone, the link will prompt you to download the app and start a free account if you don't already have one. If you are opening it on your computer, you can listen to the playlist from your web browser (except Safari - you can download the desktop app or use Chrome or Firefox to play music).

Online Feedback Form

If you haven't yet filled out the survey, you can send in your feedback through an anonymous online form. We ask for your responses by Friday, May 24.

We hope to gather again for a Presbyterian pastors’ conference in the near future! We will be in contact with you and are happy to receive ideas, connections and volunteers for the task. God bless you and keep you!

For it is God who is at work in you,
enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13

If you have further questions or comments...